Alexandria Tubes and Fittings is a Unique Company That Specializes in Common and Custom Protective Sleeves, Straps, Valves and Fittings

A Unique Company With A Unique Name That Makes Unique Products

Founded in 2002, ATF has been the leading company in custom designed hydraulic parts for 16 years. Our President and Vice President have been in the hydraulics field for 60 years combined. Throughout all those years they have built long term relationships with many businesses in the U.S and Canada. Alexandria Tubes and Fittings, along with other manufacturers, are involved in many different custom hydraulic parts and custom protective materials for hydraulic parts.

Based In Canada?

No problem we are a prime supplier of Protective Sleeve, Straps, Valves, Fittings, and More in the Canadian Market.

We challenge you to give us a problem and see if we can solve it!

Don’t need custom? Check with us cause we just might have it on hand.

Check out our other business!


Portable hydraulic lifts that have endless applications! From hunting to cleaning and maintenance on your home.

One customer uses the man lift for fixing signs on his businesses. Another customer uses the Beanstalker as a safe way to clean windows!

We also designed the Beanstalker III for use by those with physical limitations. A wheelchair can easily and safely roll onto the stand so the hunter can continue his sport. Check it out at newheighttechnology.com.

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