Protective Sleeves and Straps

Protective material for all your Hydraulic, Electrical and Industrial Needs

Use the Right Straps to Make it Last

Nylon ties can cause hose pinching and have a lack of flexibility. They are also subject to breaking after long terms of UV exposure.

IMG_1671Use Python Cinch Straps® and Python Hanging Straps® to Ensure A Lasting Fix

  • Stands up to U.V. exposure – remains flexible and strong.
  • Wide and non-evasive – will not pinch or crimp hoses or cables.
  • Allows quick access to bundles when switching attachments.
  • Heavy duty straps are capable of securely mounting heavy hydrostatic bundles.
  •  Permits expansion and contraction of high pressure hoses and are superior to rigid mounts.
  • Available in standard and heavy duty strengths.
  • Secure, non-damaging bundling and mounting options available.
  • Meets intent of EU Machinery Directives

Tube SleeveUse Suburban’s Sidewinder Sleeve® for the Best Protection Anywhere

  • Reduces installation labor time by up to 70%.
  • Can be applied without disconnecting hoses, eliminating the risk of contaminating the hydraulic system.
  • Allows for easy bundling of hoses and cables without over binding or creating hose abrasion.
  • Allows natural movement of hose while restricting motions in force routing situations.
  • Available in many materials for different applications.
  • Can be “featured” or customized to perform protection and mounting duties, reducing parts and costs.
  • Five high temp materials for Tier 3 and 4 Diesel Applications
  • Meets intent of EU Machinery Directives

Image-1 - Copy (2) copyUse Python Micro Straps for a Low Profile Fix

  • Designed to provide an extremely low profile strap for miscellaneous wires and hoses.
  • Straps are easily installed and can be trimmed to length
  • Can carry a stationary load of 45 lbs
  • Allows expansions and contractions
  • Abrasion, Puncture, and chemical resistant
  • UV protection
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Stainless steel hardware to avoid corrosion



We even have sleeves that are 100 times more abrasion resistant than Cordura, and stretch over things that resist contamination. We offer sleeves that are super light weight, and those that use high-visibility safety colors with ground glass reflective strips which are visible to vehicle headlights up to 2 miles away.


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